District 3 Covers the Northwestern Portion of Virginia and Consists of 6 Lodges.


To Wit:

  • Winchester-Hiram Lodge No. 21, Winchester, VA.

  • Washington Lodge No. 78, Washington, VA.

  • Spurmont Lodge No. 98, Strasburg, VA.

  • Unity Lodge No. 146, Front Royal, VA.

  • Treadwell Lodge No. 213, White Post, VA.

  • Cochran Lodge No. 271, The Plains, VA.

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Blood Program

The Masonic Community Blood Program continues the time-honored tradition of Masons serving the public by strengthening community blood resources. Masons and the public at large benefit in a way that saves lives. While Virginia Masons have been active blood donors for decades, since its inception as a charitable focus of Virginia Masonry, the Mason Community Blood Program, with Masons as organizers of blood drives and as individual donors, has generated donations of many thousands of pints of life-saving blood. The Masons of Virginia are proud to serve their fellow citizens through this selfless effort.

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Child ID

About VACHIP is a comprehensive child identification program designed to give families a measure of protection against the ever increasing problem of missing children. Virginia Freemasons are the sole sponsor of VACHIP and we are proud to offer this comprehensive Child ID service to Virginia Families at “NO COST” to parents and guardians.

How does it work?

The Masons plan events that assemble the equipment and volunteers to generate completed ID packages that consists of the following major components:

  • a brief recorded interview

  • a digital still photograph

  • fingerprinting of both hands

  • dental bit impression (depending on equipment availability)

  • cheek swab DNA/Scent Sample instructions

The recorded interview and still photo burned directly onto a disc, can be viewed on your home CD player or home computer, and can be viewed by law enforcement if and when the parent turns it over to them to search for their missing child. The recorded interview disc is recovery tool that provides far more individual characteristics, a voice sound-bite and mannerisms, in addition to the standard digital still photographs. Fingerprinting is a tried and true method of individual identification. The dental bite impression provides an 3-D image of the biting surface of teeth which, like fingerprints, are unique to each individual. The dental impression and cheek swab also collects enough saliva/cheek cells to provide DNA and a source for scent track for canine recovery. Together, these identifying items provide a most powerful identification and recovery tool.

All VACHIP Events are requested through and coordinated by the Virginia Freemasons. We do conduct Events anywhere across our State when both equipment and volunteers can be committed.

We are actively seeking donations, contributions and contributing partners to assist us to bring this important community service to every family in Virginia at “NO COST to PARENTS”.

For more information on how you can JOIN OUR TEAM as a supporting partner or corporate contributor, please contact us

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District 3 Deputy Grand Master for 2017-2018

Terry R. Shaffer

Cell: 540-336-8503


District OfficeDistrict RepresentativeHome LodgeContact NumberEmail Address

Blood Coordinator WM Jon Stillman Treadwell #213 (757) 639-6949 (Cell) lilbrer@aol.com
VACHIP Coordinator WM Sam Carr Hiram #21 (540) 550-1671 (cell) arthursamcarr@yahoo.com
Education Officer RW Mickey Moats (540) 465-1869 (Home)

(540) (703) 7057 (Cell)

Instructor of Work RW Chip Bennett Hiram #21 (540) 539-4893 (Cell) cabennettjr@comcast.net
Masonic Home Anmbassador RW Wayne E. Price Spurmont #98 (540) 465-3539 (Home) eprice@shentel.net
Membership Coordinator WM Jake Trenary Hiram #21 (703) 928-8939 (cell) jake.trenary@ferguson.com

Grand Master for 2017-2018

Most Worshipful Gary Wallace Taylor

For any questions or information regarding the Grand Lodge of Virginia

Please use the following link: http://www.grandlodgeofvirginia.org